Summit Fleet MasterCard

With Summit Fleet's MasterCard, drivers can access the largest vendor network in Canada and United States. Accepted by any MasterCard-approved vendors, making fuel and maintenance purchases has never been so convenient.

Our MasterCard's flexibility allows us to customize the program to each client's requirements. Clients can set cards as Fuel Only, Maintenance Only, or Fuel and Maintenance.

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Why MasterCard is the best choice

Summit Fleet MasterCard

Proprietary Card

Widely accepted, virtually unlimited vendor network Acceptance is limited
Vendors are paid immediately by MasterCard Vendors are paid based on delayed payment terms
Pricing is transparent to client at time of purchase Pricing may not be disclosed at time of purchase
Local vendor pricing and promotions are available when using MasterCard Local vendor pricing and promotions may not be available when using Proprietary Card
No client fees applicable to MasterCard transactions Transaction fees may be applicable to some transactions
Fraud protection through MasterCard Fraud protection may not be available

Other benefits

Clients can restrict the Card to fuel only, maintenance only, or fuel and maintenance.
Transaction level limits can be imposed to fully manage your driver's purchases.
  • Number of transactions per day
  • Dollar amount per transaction
  • Dollar amount per day
  • Time window limits for purchases
  • And other customizable restrictions
Get real-time notifications on transactions and suspicious activity as well as exception reporting.
Through eliminating vendor up-charging, independent vendor fees, and vendor dissatisfaction with payment terms, Summit Fleet provides clients with a flexible, low-cost, secure, convenient solution for fuel and maintenance management.

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