Whether you are looking to lease for personal/executive use or require multiple vehicles for your small business or large corporation, Summit Fleet provides in-house leasing structures specifically tailored to your unique application, objectives and budget.

We can lease any make and model, new or used, for any vehicle fleet size. Leverage our expertise from procurement to remarketing and everything in between.

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What are the benefits of leasing?

Never be out of date

Vehicles are typically leased between 3-4 years, enabling you to maintain a successful image as well as having the most recent technology to keep up with the needs of your business by driving the latest models.

Reduce expenses

Lease payments are typically more affordable than finance payments. Additionally, newer models require minor maintenance compared to older models and major repairs are usually covered under warranty.

Cut down on repairs and maintenance

As a vehicle ages and mileage increases, it will experience increased downtime due to repairs and maintenance. Leasing over a 3 to 4 year period allows you to drive vehicles that will statistically perform better and consistently.

Improve Financial Metrics

Companies who lease their vehicles, are often able to keep them off balance sheet and enjoy a tax deduction on lease payments. This improves debt to equity ratio, improves cash flow, frees up operating lines, and allows the company to achieve a greater return on invested capital.

Personal and small fleet leasing

Our single-vehicle lease agreement provides you with an individual structure for each of the vehicles you lease. Specifically designed for personal leases and small-company owners like you, who look for a simplified retail-type strategy in their leasing requirements.

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Commercial Leasing

From suitable vehicle specifications, to appropriate depreciation rates and cost-effective replacement policies and timelines, we will guide you through the lease and management process. Our goal is to provide the expertise your fleet requires so you can focus on your business.

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Download and email your completed application to sales@summitfleet.com



Download and email your completed application to sales@summitfleet.com


Request a Payout Quote for your Lease

If you find yourself needing to end your lease, it is no problem. You can talk to us about it by emailing payout@summitfleet.com or fill out a form


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