Personal Lease

Open-end and closed-end leases

Both lease types are available depending on what's right for you!

Open-end lease: Flexibility and control

  • Lease may be terminated at any point
  • If there is a gain on sale you will be reimbursed
  • If there is a loss on sale you have to cover the difference
  • No mileage restrictions or excess km charges

Close-end lease: Predictable outcome

  • Residual value is set by Summit
  • Mileage and wear are restricted
  • Early termination charges and terms may apply
  • The risk of gain or loss on sale is borne by Summit, no residual risk to you

Lease calculator



*Base Payment excludes all applicable taxes. A Security Deposit might be required. Calculations provided are an estimate only and do not constitute a quote or offer of finance. Summit Fleet makes no representations, warranties (express or implied) whatsoever about the functionality or accuracy of this calculator and accepts no liability arising out of your use of or access to this calculator including (without limitation) any errors or omissions. For full terms and conditions please speak with a Summit Fleet Representative.

Ending your lease

You have several options when your lease is up:

Return the vehicle to Summit Fleet

Applicable to closed-end leases only. As simple as bringing the car back to us. We deal with the sale or repurpose of the vehicle. You just walk away.

Lease a new vehicle from Summit Fleet

You may choose to upgrade to the newest model or a new vehicle altogether. The paperwork and required charges to end the lease are determined by the lease structure you've chosen. A gain on sale can be applied towards a new lease or you can keep the money!

Extend your current lease

If you love your vehicle and want to keep it longer you can! Lease extensions are quick and easy to process.

Purchase the vehicle

At the end of your lease term, you may choose to purchase the vehicle by the residual amount indicated in your lease. In an open-end lease, you may buyout your vehicle at any time, just contact us and we'll let you know the current termination value.

Sell to a third party

If you know of an individual or a company with interest in purchasing your vehicle we can process a third party sale. Any gain and loss on the sale will be handled as per the terms of your agreement and the lease type you entered.


Leverage our used-car sales expertise and network! Let us handle the sale of the vehicle for you! We will ensure you receive the best offer for your vehicle.

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